All Not Saved Will Be Lost — 2022
Mixed media (850 x 1250 mm)

On display at the Academie Galerie (AG) as a part of the exhibition ‘de Verdieping’
June 28th — July 16th 2022
In our daily life we are often hyper-aware of our privacy; we lock the toilet door, avoid the cameras of tourists and close our curtains at night. However, in the virtual world we are much less aware of how much privacy-sensitive information we share — and with whom?
    This work contains the creator's most privacy-sensitive data. Information collected by Google that you usually wouldn't want to share with a broader audience.
Covered by a see-through ‘curtain’ made of gel medium, the information is visible yet hidden for the spectator. The weight of the material of the ‘curtain’ ensures that it will start to break over time. While the work was on display, holes appeared, revealing more and more information over time.

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